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Just like a magic wand, with just a few clicks, you can turn your boring screenshots into awesome images

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Our rich features allow you to create the perfect image for you and your branding

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Choose between a set of beautiful gradient backgrounds, its direction, the right social media image size, and more options.



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Add multiple screenshots & texts

If you have a lot to say or show, you can add as many screenshots and texts to your image as you like. Easily move them around by dragging them.

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Use your branding

If you are an indie maker, you know how important it is to have a consistent brand identity This is why we let you add a watermark with your own logo or text for branding your social media content.

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Add browser frame to screenshot

Add browser frame to screenshot

You can easily wrap your screenshot in a browser frame, and have the possibility to choose between multiple web browser mockups.

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Chrome Extension

Use our browser extension to capture a screenshot of your web page or of a selected area and turn it into a beautiful image

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